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Cadence WG


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Group I Herbicide
Water-dispersable Granule | WG

Controls certain broadleaf weeds in winter Cereals, Conservation Tillage, Grain Sorghum, Non-Crop Areas, Pastures, Rice, Sugarcane and Turf.

Mixing and spraying

Add the required amount of CADENCE to a 3/4 full spray tank with the agitation system operating. Where a tank mix is to be applied, add CADENCE and mix thoroughly beofre adding compatible mixing partners.

Water volume

Boom Application: Apply by a properly calibrated boom spray using not less than 50 L of water/ha.Aerial Application: Apply at least 25 L total spray volume/ha. High volume application: Apply a minimum 1500 L/ha. Knapsack Application: a 15 L knapsack treats 150m2.