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Syngenta provides a wide range of products to support your cropping program.

As a reward for your support we are providing you with exclusive application technology packages with purchases from our extensive potato crop protection range.

For availability and pricing contact your local Syngenta representative or call 1800 067 108.

Tuber measuring tool

• Durable stainless steel tuber measure tool
• Effective way to grade a sample of tubers by size and check the timing for desiccation with REGLONE

AMISTAR In-Furrow Nozzle

• Designed use with furrow treatment in potato crops
• Front and rear nozzles to improve deposition on AMISTAR on soil around the seed piece
• Designed to reduce blockage and are easily cleaned

Potato Nozzle 110 (04, 05)

• 30° tip angle increases coverage of foliar fungicides and insecticides in potato crops
• Ideal where higher water volumes are required
• Reduces drift when spray tip is angled forward
• Best results when the angle of the nozzle is alternated forwards and backwards along the spray boom

Air Induction Twin Nozzle (02, 025, 03, 04, 05, 06, 08)

• High coverage forward and rear facing fans to penetrate complex canopies
• Creates the most drops per litre of any Air Induction nozzle
• Reduces drift

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