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THIOVIT JET® now approved for organic use


Organic growers can now confidently achieve robust control of powdery mildew and mites using THIOVIT JET®, the only sulphur product to feature micronized formulation technology.

Australian Certified Organic, the nation’s peak organic certification organisation, has granted THIOVIT JET allowed input status following extensive review of an application by Syngenta Australia.

“Sulphur is one of the best value tools available to growers for the management of diseases, including powdery mildew,” Syngenta Viticulture and Fruit Product Lead Scott Mathew said.

“While some sulphur products are considered cheap, none offer the same value as THIOVIT JET which is considerably more user-friendly thanks to its optimised formulation making it readily dispersible for efficient tank mixing and application”.

THIOVIT JET benefits:

·         Powerful control of powdery mildew and mites

·         Highest quality micronized formulation

·         Optimum particle size

·         Excellent water dispersion and suspensibility, and re-dispensability if spraying is interrupted.

·         Allowed organic input as certified by ACO Certification Ltd


“We are very pleased to have finally ticked the organic certified box so that we can introduce organic growers to the benefits of using a product that is thoroughly Syngenta, being dependable and consistent in use.”

The Australian Organic Market Report 2019 stated that over 90% of consumers purchase organic produce some of the time, with more than half checking for a certification logo on the packaging.

With consumer preference for organics growing at about 5% per annum, the value of Australia’s organic market recently surpassed $2.6 billion. This reflects a gradual shift to organic production methods. Aust grows 51% of the world’s organic produce by area.

“Consumers want more choice in their food selections and are increasingly choosing organic options based on percieved health benefits,” added Scott.

"In Australia it is not uncommon for growers to have different parts of their farm divided between organic management techniques and more traditional crop protection programs. The organic certification of THIOVIT JET means it can be used on both regular and organic crops therefore minimising the chance of the wrong sulphur going out on the wrong area."

At a glance: THIOVIT JET

THIOVIT JET is an 800 g/kg micro-granulated sulphur formulation with low dust properties and superior handling characteristics.

The formulation of THIOVIT JET means it readily disperses and easily mixes with water to form a spray with good spreading and sticking properties.

The unique particle size distribution within each THIOVIT JET granule gives growers the perfect balance of contact action, residual control, and strong vapour activity making it the ideal choice for effective control of mites and diseases in your crops.


“This certification is a win for both growers and resellers,” Scott said.

“THIOVIT JET has long had its loyal users, who trust and depend on it. They can now purchase one sulphur and be able to use it across their property, irrespective of how they are managing their crops.

“Likewise, resellers can minimise their stock on the shelf, knowing that their trusted brand is the only one they need to stock to cover all situations.”

This certification does not alter the requirement for users to follow all THIOVIT JET label requirements, as established under the Australian Pest and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

Users should practice the same precautions when using THIOVIT JET as with any sulphur product to avoid crop phytotoxicity. This tends to occur when a sulphur product is applied during hot, humid conditions, with users urged to avoid the hottest part of the day.

THIOVIT JET already has existing certification for use in organic production systems in France and New Zealand. The existing quality control processes around manufacturing and supply of THIOVIT JET allowed the ACO to readily audit and review documentation, in confirming the suitability of THIOVIT JET for use in Australian organic production systems.

ACO Certification Ltd is Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce and has over 2000 operators within its certification system. Its programs and protocols are recognised by (but not limited to) the Department of Agriculture & Water Resources Australia, US Department of Agriculture (USDA), IFOAM, IOAS, Japan Ministry for Agriculture Forestry & Fisheries, NAQS Korea, SGS, Freshcare and COFCC China.