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Big expectations for new barley variety

Andy Ryan from Rankin Springs is excited about the new barley variety, Spartacus CL, that he is growing for yield advantages.
Andy Ryan from Rankin Springs is excited about the new barley variety, Spartacus CL, that he is growing for yield advantages.

Grain grower, Andy Ryan from Rankin Springs, is looking forward to harvesting his seed increase of Spartacus CL. He introduced Spartacus CL based on its performance in NVT trials and believes the seed block, on the back of a good season, could be one of his best performing barley blocks ever.

Andy is a fourth-generation farmer and has some twenty years’ experience under his belt. His cropping rotation consists of 2,500 ha wheat, pulses and 300 ha barley.

This year, Andy was looking for a new barley variety that would provide him with superior yield advantages and agronomic benefits.

“This is the first year I’ve grown Spartacus CL,” Andy said.

“I kept a close eye on the variety in the National Variety Trials and saw that it performed really well – which got me excited.”

Spartacus CL is the most recent barley variety released from the collaboration between Syngenta and InterGrain.  It has caught the attention of barley growers across Australia due to its high yields, Clearfield® tolerance, good straw strength, lodging resistance and disease profile.

“The main reason we are looking to move to Spartacus CL is due to its yield advantage compared to Scope CL.

“We used to chase malt, however it really isn’t a big deal in our area anymore as we have feedlots on our doorstep – so we’re now mainly looking for yield.

“We’ve grown a seed increase of Spartacus CL next door to our Scope CL with the intention tof switching to Spartacus CL altogether next season.

“Height is also a big issue for us, and a variety like Spartacus CL that is a semi-dwarf really appealed to me.

Andy has big expectations that his seed increase block of Spartacus CL will be some of the best yields he has been able to achieve.

“I’m expecting Spartacus CL to out-yield Scope CL and think we are looking at 4.5 tonnes* to the hectare for my Spartacus CL – that will be our best yield of barley ever,” he said.

Simon Bonny, local Senior Sales Manager for Syngenta, is not surprised with the rapid adoption of Spartacus CL in his area due to the 10-15 per cent yield advantage it has achieved compared to Scope CL in NVT trials over the past two years.

“It’s a real step forward as a Clearfield® barley variety.

“It’s currently undergoing its first year of malt accreditation with an announcement on its final accreditation decision expected in March 2018. 

“If it is successful it will be a real benefit to growers in my area,” Simon said.


* Postscript - Andy Ryan's Spartacus CL crop yieded 5t/ha.