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Annual Ryegrass control is about picking the right partner

Glyphosate Resistant Annual Ryegrass in wheat
Glyphosate Resistant Annual Ryegrass in wheat

According to the Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC), Annual Ryegrass is one of the most serious and costly weeds of cropping systems in southern Australia.

Annual Ryegrass is a problem for a number of reasons:

  • It produces an extremely high number of seeds per plant
  • It is highly competitive
  • Is a host for the bacteria Clavibacter spp. that cause annual ryegrass toxicity
  • It can be infected by ergot fungus
  • Many populations have developed resistance to both selective and non-selective herbicides

It is important to have integrated weed management tactics when developing a management plan to control weed populations on your property.

GRDC reported that in 2013, Annual Ryegrass had developed resistance to seven herbicide mode-of-action (MOA) Groups (A, B, C, D, L, M and Q). Repeated use of herbicides from the same MOA group (particularly the high-risk Groups A and B) is likely to select for herbicide-resistant individuals that will produce large numbers of seeds and quickly become a serious and significant weed problem.

ARCADE®, a pre-emergent herbicide containing 800g/L Prosulfocarb provides control of Annual ryegrass in Wheat and Barley. ARCADE is a Group J (Thiocarbamate) herbicide offering growers an important alternative MOA particularly useful for resistance management in wheat programs.

The introduction of ARCADE compliments Syngenta’s pre-emergent herbicide range and provides growers another option alongside BOXER GOLD®, making it the perfect partner for Annual Ryegrass control.

Prosulfocarb was developed by Syngenta and was first introduced to Australian growers as BOXER GOLD (Prosulfocarb + S-Metolachlor). This represented the first alternative MOA for control of Trifluralin resistant ryegrass populations in cereals and offered a solution for resistance management.

BOXER GOLD continues to provide a reliable and flexible solution for controlling Annual Ryegrass for growers across Australia. However, ARCADE provides a robust option to increase herbicide diversity for resistance management. It is also provides an alternative to BOXER GOLD for those sowing in lighter soil types or using disc seeding systems.

To view the full benefits, trial results and compatibility chart for both pre-emergent herbicides, download the Tech Note below.