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The strongest performing malt barley variety


In collaboration with InterGrain, one of Australia’s leading cereal breeding companies, Syngenta brings elite barley varieties to the Australian grains industry, enabling growers to compete effectively in both domestic and international markets.

David Moody, a well-respected barley breeder with InterGrain, gives us a season update from the field on La Trobe in his latest video.

La Trobe is the highest yielding, short season malting barley variety in Australia with malting characteristics well-suited to export brewing industries.


  • An accredited malt variety
  • Exceptionally high yielding, early maturing, export malting barley
  • Good straw strength and lodging resistance, providing improved harvest efficiency
  • Short rachilla hair length, reducing itchiness

For growers looking to introduce La Trobe into their cereal program in 2018, please contact your local Seedgro Partner or speak to your local Syngenta representative.

For more information on La Trobe visit the campaign page here.