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How has Spartacus CL barley stacked up this season?


Syngenta collaborates with one of Australia’s leading cereal breeding companies, InterGrain, to bring elite barley varieties to the Australian grains industry, enabling growers to compete effectively in both domestic and international markets.

David Moody is a well-respected barley breeder with InterGrain and he gives us a season update from the field on Spartacus CL in this latest video.

Spartacus CL is a new wave, early maturing, superior yielding imidazolinone tolerant barley, currently undergoing malt accreditation.

Growers are encouraged to keep clean seed from the 2017 harvest to ensure they have planting seed for the 2018 season. Confirmation of malt accreditation will be communicated by Barley Australia following evaluation and testing conducted in association with the Malting and Brewing Industry Barley Technical Committee prior to the planting season in 2018.

For growers looking to introduce Spartacus CL into their cereal program in 2018, please contact your local Seedgro Partner or speak to your local Syngenta representative.

For more information on Spartacus CL visit the campaign page here.