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New Day. New Axial Xtra.

Local trial results show the new AXIAL XTRA formulation with an advanced built in adjuvant,
delivers improved activity on Wild Oats, Phalaris and Ryegrass, with the same trusted crop safety.

AXIAL XTRA will continue the confidence growers have in AXIAL, providing the same renowned crop safety across
a wide and flexible application window when applied to either Wheat or Barley.

In addition, through the inclusion of advanced adjuvant technology in the formulation, AXIAL XTRA it will provide:

-  Faster weed brown out  -
-  Improved control under sub-optimal conditions*  -
-  Improved broad leaf weed compatibility  -

* When compared to other group A herbicides used in wheat or barley under the same conditions.

Axial Xtra SDS 163.09 kb

* Axial Xtra performance is referenced against Axial unless otherwise stated.

Improved Annual Ryegrass Suppression 2

Wild Oat Control - Axial Xtra