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Information regarding the voluntary withdrawal of certain batches of GESAPRIM GRANULES HERBICIDE

Syngenta has informed industry that it is voluntarily withdrawing a small number of batches of GESAPRIM® GRANULES HERBICIDE due to the product not meeting Syngenta’s exacting quality standards.

The affected batches (below) were supplied to a limited number of Australian distribution customers in late 2017 and early 2018.


Product No.: 61892

Pack size: 10kg

Batch No.:

Manufacturing Date:


June 2017


June 2017


June 2017

The three affected batches do not meet Syngenta’s quality specifications in terms of particle size.  This may, under certain circumstances, impact on the proper performance of agricultural spray equipment.

On this basis, Syngenta is taking immediate steps to voluntarily withdraw these batches from the Australian market.

Retailers in possession of product from these batches should make contact with their local Syngenta Territory Sales Manager or Syngenta Customer Service on 1800 022 035 to arrange product exchange or return through Syngenta’s normal returns process.

Syngenta is also working with our retail partners to make contact with growers who have purchased affected product.  Growers in possession of GESAPRIM GRANULES from these batches should contact their retailer to arrange product exchange or return.

Importantly, the quality issues with these batches do not substantially alter the safety profile of the product, so label instructions should continue to be followed during handling.

For more information please contact Syngenta Customer Service on 1800 022 035.