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Noel Jansz

Noel Jansz

Bairnsdale, VIC


Agronomist Noel Jansz needs to have his mind across a large number of horticultural crops to be able to maximise returns for his growers.

As an agronomist for Elders Ltd in Bairnsdale, Victoria, his work throughout the year sees him looking at everything from broccoli to lettuce to sweet corn to green beans.

Knowing every growth stage of every crop is essential, he says, to making sure the right amount of irrigation is applied, and the right fertilisers and the right chemicals are recommended to maximise yield and quality.

Noel is a fan of the Integrated Crop Management system, where a holistic approach is taken to the way farms are run.

Noel stays abreast of technology so he can bring the best of what is available to his growers to improve their businesses.

“Ensuring quality means getting the sprays on at the right time, watering at the right time and fertilising at the right time,” he says.

“If you are producing high quality, invariably you will improve returns.”

Noel already has a string of awards to his name, including Elders employee of the year in 2014, and all recognise his dedication to furthering the interests of his horticultural clients.

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