Lynley Anderson

Lynley Anderson

Kojonup, WA


Embracing the latest technologies and having an involvement in research are key to the success of Lynley Anderson.

The West Australian mixed farmer from Kojonup immerses herself into her enterprises, producing grains and Merino sheep as well as Poll Dorsets.

She has strong links to producer-driven research through grower groups such as Southern DIRT and this interaction is instrumental to the way she makes decisions on her farm.

Lynley is keenly aware of an ecological responsibility to the country she is farming, and makes strategic decisions to maintain ground cover on the gravel loam and clay loam soils.

She tries to minimise risk by having a number of enterprises as part of her business, which she says works because she utilises synergies between cropping and sheep.

The crops she grows provide grain for sheep feed and cash flow, but also work to set up country to grow pastures as weeds are removed, compaction is decreased and organic matter is boosted.

Lynley says it is important to be open to new ideas and new technologies given the change in climate which means they are no longer in a “safe rainfall area”.

Those technological tools and a range of management strategies help her to be prepared and adaptable as each season progresses.