Vaughan Redshaw

Vaughan Redshaw

Adviser, Fruitfed Supplies, HASTINGS NEW ZEALAND


As someone who has been involved in the New Zealand horticultural industry for many years, Vaughan Redshaw knows the importance of quality. Vaughan is a senior vegetable rep within Fruitfed Supplies and has the largest group of growers to service within the company.

With 90 per cent of produce grown being exported, quality is paramount to maintaining existing markets and expanding into others. Vaughan works with his growers to produce that quality by closely managing their spray and fertiliser regimes.

He visits his network of growers on a weekly basis, suggest spray recommendations to eliminate pests and disease and then records and analyses the farm data using Tracit software. Vaughan’s contributions to the Tracit software technology has been an invaluable tool for growers and Fruitfed Supplies in terms of traceability. Thanks to his commitment, he can now retrieve data from up to 10 years ago to determine the crops history and the crop protection products utilised.

Vaughan also conducts variety trials, taking into consideration climatic constraints to offer growers the best advice. These trials acknowledge the quality of the crop whilst aiming to maximize volume. 

It’s this attention to detail that sees Vaughan work with some of the biggest horticultural clients in the area as he guides their businesses forward.