Peter Calabria

Peter Calabria

Adviser, Yenda Producers Co-Operative, YENDA NSW


Peter Calabria is passionate about a positive and sustainable future for Australian agriculture, and with his involvement across a myriad of agricultural and regional communities, he is doing his best to ensure that he contributes to that outcome.

As Managing Director of Yenda Producers Co-operative, in the NSW central west, Peter is proud of the organisation’s growth since it began in 1925. He believes the value in cooperatives lies in the contribution they can make to their local community and to Australian agriculture’s competitiveness in the global marketplace, when managed well and with a diverse management skillset.

Yenda Producers distributes around $100,000 to community initiatives each year, and Peter is passionate about this part of the business. Projects range from sport sponsorships to primary school support, high school breakfast programs, and supporting tertiary students from the local area. Peter loves to be a part of these initiatives and see the difference they can make to the vibrancy of the community and consequently people’s lives. 

Peter is a loud advocate for buying Australian, supporting local business, and promoting the clean, green image that is Australia’s own brand of fresh produce.