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Paul Lysaght

Paul Lysaght

Adviser, Seed and Field Services (SI) Ltd, RAKAIA NEW ZEALAND


Crop productivity is dependent on a holistic, long-term approach according to New Zealand agronomist Paul Lysaght.

New Zealand’s temperate climate, quality soils, plentiful water and highly skilled farmers provide some key advantages for the country’s growers. Paul, however, believes the industry needs to constantly look at ways to improve to get the most from this highly productive land in an isolated market with significant operating costs.

Paul leads the team at Seed and Field Services to work closely with their growers and form a complete understanding of each farming system so that whole-farm crop plans can be formed. At an industry level, this approach is quite different to other agronomists who offer advice for one crop for one year, without necessarily looking at the long-term plan for that farm.

Paul has been nominated for the Productivity category for the Growth Awards due to his passion for helping his growers to succeed and his commitment to ensuring the right products are recommended and information distributed. Providing the latest agronomic advice and giving access to new and emerging products has helped his growers deliver high quality crops, maximise yields and returns and be at the top of their game.

To keep on top of the latest developments in agriculture, Paul maintains an extensive network of professional colleagues across the globe who he calls out to in order learn about new research and trials. This knowledge sharing enables Paul to help his growers take different approaches to their methods, boost their productivity and increase returns.

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