Marty Smith

Marty Smith

Advisory, Viticulture Consultant, LAUNCESTON TAS


Technology is a cornerstone for Tasmanian viticulturist Marty Smith and he is always keen to see how he can add value to the management of his clients’ vineyards.

With 15 years of experience in 3 states, as a Vineyard Manager himself and with a nomination for the 2015 Australian Viticulturist of the Year award, Marty is grounded in his decision making for his clients knowing the advice must stack up for the bottom line.

Recommendations are never given before Marty has personally seen the results and no advice is offered that he wouldn’t consider using on his own Vineyard.

Embedded in every decision he makes is a keen desire to make his clients’ vineyards more profitable. For Marty, modern farming is all about trying to decrease input costs while increasing yields and fruit quality. It’s a delicate balancing act but offers high rewards when it is achieved.

And while he is always keen to look at technology from both viticulture and other industries and how it might fit to make his clients’ more profitable, he knows the importance of getting the basics right.

Marty’s dedication to his client base, which covers two thirds of the entire vineyard area in Tasmania, have earned him a nomination for the Productivity category.