Luke Marquis

Luke Marquis

Adviser, South East Agronomy Services, Esperance WA


Luke Marquis is the principal of South East Agronomy Services (SEAS) at Esperance, Western Australia where his business covers the management of more than 250,000ha of crops each year. He keeps a close eye on what’s going on in every paddock, making sure profitable decisions are made, and plans can adapt with changes in the season.

After almost two decades of agronomy, Luke is still determined to find new ways to help his clients remain profitable and productive.

Luke is a firm believer that you can never have too much information to make a decision.

Along with SEAS regular newsletters, one on one advice and grower meetings, Luke’s desire to give the best advice to his clients has seen him establish his own research and development arm, where chemicals and management techniques are trialled. He has gained the support of Syngenta through technical advice and the provision of chemicals, to conduct trials. Although the research company is only two years old, Luke notes it is one of the best decisions he has made.

Luke also wants his growers to always be ahead of the pack. Offering on-farm resistance testing for herbicides growers can manage the challenge rather than being reactive.

It is this passion for agriculture and his ongoing research into more sustainable and productive practices for his clients that have which earned Luke a nomination in the Productivity category.