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Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson

Grower/Adviser, Agrivision Consultants, HOPETOUN VIC


Kate Wilson is a leader in more ways than one.

She’s a mentor to young agronomists and her clients alike, leading them through the challenges of farming with evidence-based advice and skill.

She also lends her time to take on a broader national role, participating on the Grains Research and Development Corporation’s (GRDC) southern panel, helping to set a research agenda that delivers results for farmers.

Kate’s day-to-day role is to provide agronomic advice to her AGRIvision clients to make informed decisions for their crops. She uses a variety of mediums to do this – from face-to-face meetings in the paddock, to grower group talks and social media. The company she works for has its own YouTube channel and Kate’s advice on everything from crop disease to mice plagues is compelling viewing.

But Kate does more than just provide crop advice. It’s the support she gives to fellow agronomists, especially emerging trainees, which is widely regarded in the cropping industry. Kate has recently taken on a newly created role within AGRIvision as the team development manager, where she will be responsible for the recruitment, development, training and wellbeing of staff within the company. It’s recognition for the commitment she has to the future of strong agronomy skills, and to agriculture as a whole.


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