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James Quinn

James Quinn

Adviser, Cotton Seed Distributors Ltd, MOREE NSW

CATEGORY: productivity

After working for many years as an agronomist with Cotton Seed Distributors (CSD) based in the Gwydir Valley, NSW, James Quinn is now the lead for extension and marketing for the company.

In this role James oversees about 100 research sites across eastern Australia – a mix of variety trials and different management regimes – to continually seek the best possible regimes for cotton growers to use to maximise productivity.

The information provided is also tailored to the audience – that could mean the latest research is presented on Facebook, at grower meetings, during forums, on farm walks, or through website. It’s all about getting the message across to those who need it, in the form they need it, to make the right decisions.

While CSD might have a strong industry position for cotton seed sales, James knows there are competitors for land use in both dryland and irrigated farming situations. He wants farmers who plant cotton to be able to harvest a high yielding crop, and support those farmers every step along the way with extension advice and information.

His passion has seen James establish a strong working relationship with Syngenta, including the FastStart cotton program which is jointly funded by Syngenta and CSD. A portion of revenue from cotton sales through CSD goes to the fund, which supports research-based activities for the industry.

James’c commitment to providing the right cotton variety and management for each area and to seek out tools to maximise productivity have been recognised in his nomination in the Productivity category 

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