Greg Platz

Greg Platz

Adviser, Department of Primary Industries and Fisheries, WARWICK QLD


Greg is a plant pathologist with a passion for finding solutions for farmers. He provides an understanding of the biology and epidemiology of the major diseases of winter cereals, the losses they cause and the control options to better equip growers and agronomists implement effective control strategies.

Born and raised on a mixed farming enterprise, Greg began work as a technical officer before gradually rising to be one of the nation’s best cereal scientists.

Greg works across many faucets of the community to build a positive image of Australian agriculture and those that work within it. Greg is currently on the Australian Wheat and Barley Molecular Marker Program, one of the foremost barley pathology researchers in Australia, leads three national GRDC barley foliar disease projects, has refereed several applications for registration of new fungicides and is involved with the Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicine Authority.

The former captain of the Queensland Rugby League state team knows the value of working with others and believes any achievements he has made have been the result of working with others.

Greg is keen to promote the value of Australian agriculture and was integral in setting up a trust fund to honour a former colleague. That fund now provides prize money for an international school science competition as well as backing a young scientist to travel overseas and present at a conference.

His passion and dedication to the agricultural industry have earned him a worthy nomination Community and People category for the 2017 Growth Awards.