Duncan Young

Duncan Young

Grower, JT Young & Sons BEVERLEY WA

CATEGORY: sustainability

Duncan Young has always been passionate about agriculture. His involvement stems from valuable lessons learned from an agronomist as he was growing up on his family’s farm in York, WA, and further fostered in his Bachelor of Science, majoring in environmental science studies.

He acknowledges that there are challenges that agriculture currently faces and is motivated to research solutions. He runs 11 crop trials on his farm each year addressing different current issues, is the Chairperson of the WAFarmers Grains Council, a previous long term member of APEX, volunteer at Volunteer Workers in York, part of the local Landcare group and on the committee of the local agricultural show, amongst a range of other community groups.

Duncan was part of a group that helped to get genetically modified (GM) canola approved to be grown in WA, and, thanks to his efforts, WA is now the biggest producer of GM canola in the country.

He aims to leave a small environmental footprint from his farming activities, and he goes to great lengths to do this.

He has put a self-imposed ban on some chemicals in certain places next to a river, he uses technology like knife rollers over his paddocks instead of burning stubble and he has established a significant buffer on his property of up to 100m along the nearby Avon River.

While he runs a successful farming business, he is also making time to be an active member of the WA grains industry and happily gives his time to ensure the industry has a sustainable long-term future.