Trent Sosso

Trent Sosso

On farm Agronomist, Rombola Family Farms - GRIFFITH NSW


Trent Sosso is the Senior Agronomist and farm adviser for Rombola Farms in Griffith, NSW. Trent has been nominated in the Productivity category for his tireless work in improving on farm productivity.

Trent is responsible for overseeing Rombola Farms’ 600 ha of melon crop, 540 ha of vines & 550 ha of almonds. Trent has extensive experience in horticulture where he was previously Senior Horticulturalist for MIA Rural services for over 15 years.

Trent has been a big advocate for increasing production on farm and that is why the Rombola Family highly value his input and advice. He is very focused on adopting the right technology to ensure productivity increases. Areas such as genetics and variety choice, fertiliser regimes, watering schedules and crop protection choices are key to his role and responsibilities.