Simon Severin

Simon Severin

Agronomist, Agritech Rural Pty Ltd - HORSHAM VIC


Simon Severin is a young agronomist working for Agritech in Horsham. In a bid to maximise the potential of the farm operation, Simon has guided growers as they have adopted sustainable farming methods, such as stubble retention and no-till cropping, and has witnessed first-hand the many benefits that come from adopting new technology and innovation. As a result, Simon has earned himself a nomination into the Productivity category.

He finds his work rewarding and throughout the year, Simon visits growers regularly and coaches them on how to identify weeds, pests and crop deficiencies. The likely consequences of these are examined and discussed so that informed decisions can be made about herbicide, pesticide, fungicide and nitrogen applications, and the likely return on investment from the use of these products.

Working with Mallee farmers through the drought taught Simon the value of water resources and the best techniques to retain soil moisture including early control of summer and in-crop weeds, stubble retention and dry sowing. To help growers manage climate risks, Simon recommends and supports crop and commodity diversity, employing a range of marketing strategies and keeping an eye on business costs.

Simon has also been invited to speak on the topic of risk management at two GRDC-delivered ‘Farming after the Drought’ workshops and at Wallup Top Crop group meetings.

Simon has been involved in research and development in some capacity throughout his career. Simon is able to help clients interpret research findings and assess how the adoption of a new practice, product or tool would influence outcomes on their farm.

In 2015, he created his own blog as a means of delivering short, sharp and timely messages to his clients.