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Rob Long

Rob Long

Agronomist/National Cotton Co-ordinator, B & W Rural Pty Ltd - MOREE NSW


Rob Long has been working as a consulting agronomist for 30 years, as has been a senior consulting Agronomist for B&W Rural Moree since 1997, servicing an area bounded by Moree to Delungra to Boggabilla. His clients include family and corporate businesses who strive to achieve top 20 per cent profitability whilst still maintaining a balance with their land resources such as their water cycle, carbon cycle and nutrient cycles, and this is why Rob has been nominated in the Sustainability category.

Rob is an R&D advocate and is very willing to be involved in trials and commercial demonstrations to better understand and explore new products in the North.

Rob has experience in preparing production Due Diligence reports for prospective property purchasers and in 2007 Rob recognised the need for a commercial service to provide Crown Rot testing. Rob joined forces with Penagcon to establish the company Crown Analytical Services, a plant pathology business that services growers and advisors in Northern NSW and Southern Qld. It provides Australia’s first and only stubble testing service to assess Crown Rot, Common Root Rot and Trichoderma. The business now also acts as the service provider in the northern cropping zone for PredictaB, a DNA diagnostic test for Root Lesion Nematode (P thornei and P neglectus), Crown Rot, Rhyzoctonia and Common Root Rot.

Rob currently sits on and has previously held executive committee positions on a number of agricultural boards, including the Northern Grower Alliance, Wheat Research Fund, GRDC Goondiwindi Project selection committee and he was part of the delegation that presented to a standing committee at Parliament House regarding the preservation of Paraquat as a tool for Australian agriculture.

Growth Awards Supporting Partner