Rob Harrod

Rob Harrod

Senior Sales Agronomist, Elders Ltd - ALBURY NSW


Rob Harrod has extensive experience with agronomy, having been an Agronomist with Elders in the Albury region for the past 15 years. He is a great leader, both in the agronomy space and in industry capacity development, this is why he has been nominated in the Community & People category.  Rob mentors over eight emerging agronomists in the region, whilst leading an Elders work placement program. Rob has taken a female young agronomist under his wing, who has just graduated from University, and is ensuring his wisdom is passed on to the next generation.

Rob has also been a key driver in establishing an Elders trial site at Rand, NSW for both grower and agronomist development. He has a particular interest in new product introductions and cereal varieties that can suit their high rainfall environment.

Rob is seen as a leader for professional advice in the region and has the direct ability to shape an emerging market. A good example of this is boxer gold EPE application this season. Going forward Rob has a keen interest in fungicide usage and is keen to see Amistar Xtra in canola with a focus on Sclero and blackleg diseases in the high rainfall zone.