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Richard Porter

Richard Porter

Managing Director, AgXtra - NEWTON SA


Fourteen years ago, Richard Porter started an agriculture R&D company with one laptop and a desk at home. As word got out about his high level of professionalism and steadfast ethics, demand for Richard’s service grew into what is Agxtra, today. Richard is driven by his passion for agricultural science and is dedicated to being a good leader for his team of 15 permanent staff. He prides himself on the character of his staff and their ability to overcome challenges and deliver high-quality projects for their clients.

As a leader, Richard supports his team both professionally and personally, providing training and development opportunities, such as leadership training and support of their personal interests and hobbies.

Richard’s focus on providing his staff with the opportunity to grow their careers has resulted in a strong, professional team that can depend on one another and continue to deliver positive results for their clients.

This dedication to developing careers extends beyond Agxtra staff as Richard is a champion for the next generation of AgScience professionals. Richard and his team are heavily involved in development programs for high school and university students and provide 12 work placements within the organisation in Adelaide, and 4 in Wagga, as well as host an annual wheat growing competition to foster agronomic management. In addition, he actively supports a number of inter-campus agriculture activities and career nights.

Though Richard personally developed Agxtra from the ground up, he does not see the business as his own. He shares every success and every achievement with his staff and believes it is their ambition that really drives the company. Richard values the relationships he has with his staff and considers himself lucky to have a team of such great character.

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