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Ray and Connie Taylor

Owner Manager, Taylor Family Produce - AMIENS QLD


Ray and Connie Taylor of Taylor Family Produce are vegetable producers not to be rivalled with in the Granite belt region of South East QLD, with farms around Stanthorpe and Liston.

Connie and Ray were nominated for their ability to grow their business 20 per cent year on year for the past six years, whilst continuing to bring new innovative ways to produce quality vegetables to their business, meaning they are now one of the biggest horticultural producers in the region.

Ray and Connie produce phenomenal volumes of fresh vegetables for supermarket chains, Woolworths and IGA, the markets, and also for export to Singapore. The sheer volumes they are dealing with makes for a demanding business. They grow broccoli, celery, iceberg lettuce, Chinese cabbage, and silver beet over 12 properties, totalling 1,000 acres. The Taylors are certainly kept busy planting 175,000 broccoli seedlings per week for 32 weeks; 12 months of the year they are planting, per week, 180,000 iceberg seedlings; 50,000 Chinese cabbage seedlings; 75,000 celery seedlings; and 50,000 silver beet seedlings.

Ray has three additional properties with his brother at Redland Bay, producing beans and broccoli. Connie runs the shed, packing, staffing, and quality assurance for Woolworths, while Ray runs the farm management and logistics side.

Growth Awards Supporting Partner