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Peter Boutsalis

Peter Boutsalis

Researcher, Waite Diagnostics Department of Plant Sciences - PROSPECT SA


Peter Boutsalis is a Researcher at Waite Diagnostics Department of Plant Sciences in Prospect. Peter has been instrumental in herbicide resistance management in South Australia, and has hence been nominated in the Sustainability category.

Peter is incredibly well respected in the industry and is in very high demand as an industry leader extending messages on best practice weed management and effective, yet sustainable, herbicide use for the long term.

Peter has been heavily involved in resistance testing and promoting the correct use of herbicides. He has been enthusiastic in delivering rotation messages, providing best practice for managing weeds, and has been helping to develop management strategies to handle resistant populations. Peter has also pioneered the use of the ‘quick test’ for establishing resistance status.

A major focus for Peter has been the best use of pre-emergent herbicide to allow the continuation of direct drill and stubble retention with the associated environmental benefits. He has also been involved in the SA Resistance Weed surveys to try and quantify and manage the issues. 




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