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Paul Keevers

Branch manager/ head agro- Atherton, Tableland Fertilizers - MAREEBA QLD


Paul Keevers is the head agronomist for Tableland Fertilizers in Mareeba and Atherton, QLD. Paul advises 400 growers across the tablelands, upper tablelands and the gulf country on 55 different crops in the diverse horticultural region. Paul works in crops ranging from tree crops, tea and coffee, tropical fruit, vegetables, ornamentals and sugarcane.

Paul was nominated for his heavy involvement in trial work aimed at increasing productivity and sustainability on-farm, whilst also focusing on improving reef health and management, being located at the top of the Great Barrier Reef. Paul’s dedication to conducting 20 trials a year is commendable.

Paul is focused on reducing runoff, precision Agriculture, and variable rate mapping for fertiliser application. Working with NDVI satellite imaging to assess crop health and manage irrigation, he carries out soil mapping for ph levels and to even blocks. He then uses drones to further offset mapping and assess crops.

Always looking for new technology and products to benefit the industry, Paul works closely with suppliers and customers, such as Syngenta and Smiths, to ensure himself, and his growers, are at the forefront of any industry developments.

Paul is very strong technically and well respected, especially in the potato space, having had 15 year experience in this space. In addition to his agronomy role, Paul also manages both branches of Tableland Fertilizers, managing their operations, staff, purchasing direction and making commercial decisions.

Growth Awards Supporting Partner