Michael Nixon

Michael Nixon

Owner, Riverlodge Assets - NORTH PLANTATIONS WA


Michael Nixon is one of the largest horticultural growers in Carnarvon, growing the most basil, onions and bananas in the area. Michael has been nominated in the Community & People category for his dedication to the horticultural community through his representation on a number of industry boards.

Michael is a third generation Australian, and for a sea change, decided to purchase one of the four largest blocks in Carnarvon back in 2007 - 100 acres of farmland on North River Road.

Ever since moving to Carnarvon, Michael and wife Katrina, have been heavily involved in the horticultural community, not only in Carnarvon but in WA and across Australia. Being one of the largest Banana growers in Carnarvon, Michael was a board member of the Sweeter Banana Co-op for 6 years, while Katrina been involved in the brand development of the Sweeter Banana Co-op products, such as the Sweeter Banana Smoothie.

Michael is also a Board Member of the Gascoyne Food Council and the founder of the “Better Practice” arm of the Food Council. As a committee member of the associate CFOC, Michael has been instrumental in the development of the “Best Practice Manual” for Carnarvon and other policies in which CFOC is involved.

Michael is also a Committee Member of the local Fruit Fly Committee. They have been involved in the setting up of Fruit Fly Free status in Carnarvon. Michael has also been a Board Member of the Australian Banana Growers Council and is a current AusVeg Board Member.