Jim Cronin

Agronomist, Landmark FORBES NSW


Jim Cronin is a senior agronomist at Landmark Forbes and has been nominated in the Productivity category for his strong career as a trusted adviser in his area.

Starting his career as an agronomist in 1996, Jim has since gone from strength to strength holding senior agronomy positions in the Forbes & Young area over the years. He is also currently running a 2,400 ha cropping farm at Forbes along with some additional investors.

Jim specialises in broad hectare winter crops such as canola, cereals and pulses and also puts in a summer crop of corn on top of irrigated Lucerne crops.

Jim won the Landmark NSW Agronomist of the Year award in 2004. He sits on the GRDC steering committee for the STHN SNW update. In the past. Jim has sat as an executive of CWFS and currently spends a large amount of time assisting and support/training for junior agronomists.