James Dickson

Farm Manager, GroLink Nursery - WERRIBEE SOUTH VIC


James Dickson is a grower at Grolink Nurseries in Werribee South. James has been nominated in the Sustainability category for his holistic approach to running his nursery that has resulted in it being more sustainable, with end results that are more consistent, stronger and delivering better yields.

James has implemented a number of changes at the nursery to operate more sustainably, such as lobbying the local council to gain access to town water rights, allowing them to reduce their use of salty bore water; manipulating inputs, nutrition, crop protection and individualising their approach has allowed them to get the best from their genetics; reduced water consumption via only watering seedlings to their requirements; and reduced crop protection and nutrient costs by only feeding and applying products as required, based on close monitoring.

James has implemented chemical rotations for disease, and pest management and has taken a proactive approach in providing growers with fact sheets on crop protection products used in the nursery, highlighting the chemical groups and rotation information.

James takes careful consideration when using application technology and providing advice. He plans extensively with the grower and seeks to understand their soil profile and climate. This individual approach results in less transplant shock and a tougher transplant that is able to better withstand disease pressure. This process has also resulted in increased yield and the ability to deliver a consistent seedling size to market.

James has recently embarked on a new venture is his spare time with his partner. He has started an edible flower nursery that supplies top end restaurants throughout Melbourne. He also works as a consultant assisting growers that are having issues with disease and pest control issues.