Ian McConnel

Ian McConnel

Global Commodity Lead - Beef

Growth Awards Judge: WWF

A 5th generation beef producer from “Mt Brisbane” in the Brisbane Valley, Queensland, Ian has spent much of his career travelling the globe studying, researching and representing the Australian agricultural industry.

Ian has spent time studying in America, where he also served as the Australian delegate to the World Brahman Summit in 2001.

Ian has also served as the Australian Rural Ambassador for the Federal Council of Agricultural Societies (QCAS), was Australia’s “Beef Industry Rising Champion” and sat on the guiding council for the UN’s Global agenda for the sustainable livestock. Ian also serves as an Executive Board Member for the Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef.

Through his current role with WWF, Ian is successfully developing a cohesive and effective global effort to create a beef industry that is socially, economically and environmentally responsible.

Throughout his career, Ian has been an advocate for promoting more effective communication of the beef industry’s environmental and social credentials to the consumer. He believes that through improved communication, consumers will be better enabled to choose sustainable food or agricultural products.

His third year on the judging panel, Ian looks forward to meeting nominees each year who care so much for not only the productivity of their farm, but also the sustainability and productivity of their region and the industry as a whole.