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Clinton Marcon

Clinton & Danielle Marcon

Field Grower, Marcon Family Farming - BUNDABERG QLD


Clinton Marcon is an exceptional vegetable grower from the Bundaberg region, nominated in the Productivity category for his genuine passion for producing high quality crops.

Clinton has an evolving pedigree in farming. Three generations ago his grandparents emigrated from Italy as teenagers, settling in Bundaberg, becoming sugarcane farmers. Thirty years ago, Clinton’s father, Gino took over the family farm and started to concentrate on perfecting the production of tomatoes and capsicums.

Clinton is now an integral part of ‘Marcon Family Farms’, together he and his father grow a combination of field and protected crops. The real innovation though has occurred in protected cropping; building the first greenhouse in Bundaberg - they now have a $1.5 million high-tech glasshouse. Growing hydroponically, they are able to monitor and adjust both the climate and their inputs 24 hours a day, which allows them to deliver consistency in quality and supply, to satisfy market demands. Forming an alliance with Perfection Fresh, the Marcons have plans for a second glasshouse facility so they can deliver produce year round.

This season, Clinton is making his own mark on the family business and will be planting a commercial block of 3,000 avocadoes (cv Hass) as he starts to diversify in his own right.

Clinton is a ‘down to earth’ practical grower, and like his father, is prepared to listen and learn. He has a genuine interest in growing his knowledge base to produce quality crops.

Recently, Clinton was introduced to Graham Stirling, a nematologist with over 35 years’ experience in research, has published more than 70 scientific papers and is recognised internationally for his work on nematodes. Graham visited Clinton at his farm in Bundaberg and discussed the pest and how to better manage it commercially. Clinton shares his experiences with other key growers in the region, to help build the community knowledge base. 

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