Chad Gencheff

General Manager, Virginia Nursery - VIRGINIA SA


Chad Gencheff is the co-owner and operations manager of the family owned and operated Virginia Nursery. Chad has been nominated in the Productivity category for his ability to grow the business without compromising on quality and ensuring they maintain their high standard, all year round.

Virginia Nursery started operations in 1992 and have since inception been the largest Young Plant Raiser account for Syngenta in ANZ .They have a greenhouse crops focus, growing 10 to 12 million plants per year. The business focus is to supply greenhouse growers, with a local market focus, but also supplying seedlings to Riverland SA and Mildura & Lara in Victoria.

Soil and unheated hydroponic growers are their customer base. Crops grown are capsicums, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, eggplant, melons and watermelon. They focus heavily on quality customer service. The desire is to deliver seedlings of top quality, on time and disease and pest free.

Chad’s managerial responsibilities cover the entire business portfolio including Virginia Seedlings, Virginia Nursery and Donchos Café. He has driven the business to achieve significant growth and been responsible for the implementation of many improvements in operational efficiency, production quality and output.

Chad directly oversees all operations of the wholesale seedling production operation. He has strongly supported new variety development programs, variety information dissemination and commercial introduction processes.