Brent Wilson

Brent Wilson

Senior Account Manager, Landmark - AYR QLD


Brent Wilson is a Senior Account Manager and Agronomist with Landmark Ayr. Sustainability has always been top of mind for Brent and he has been involved in many projects to assist growers in achieving this. As a result, he has earnt himself a nomination in the Sustainability category.

Brent is very well regarded amongst his growers and works closely with them to achieve maximum growing efficiencies and performs best practices across his growers’ enterprises. This includes driving their land productivity, improving sustainability and increasing crop returns, enhancing their overall crop management with efficient use of crop protection and fertiliser inputs and also adapting to the Reef Protection Guide Lines.

Brent works with his growers to ensure they are using alternative cropping solutions by rotating cane crops with pulse crops, in turn assisting with the management of nitrogen throughout the cane crop lifecycle. In addition, Brent is working with growers looking at fertiliser catalyst technology, using liquid and bulk fertiliser additives to improve overall soil health. This has been helping growers improve their farming practices nutritionally, physically and biologically and tweaking programs to improve better results in the paddock and make them more efficient and sustainable.

Brent is very sound technically and over the years has developed his knowledge whilst working and advising in the following crops, sorghum, corn, broad acre crops and cotton, with his current focus being in sugar cane, horticulture and pulse crops.

Throughout Brent’s career he has had a particular focus on IPM and BMP programs which started with his exposure in the early years in the cotton industry.