Andrew McMahen

Andrew McMahen

Agronomist, Landmark MANANGATANG VIC


Andrew McMahen, or affectionately known as “Macca” to locals, is an agronomist from Managatang Landmark in the Mallee. He proves to be wiser beyond his years due to the dedication he has given to the local area’s trial sites for the past 10 years, and has earned him a nomination in the Productivity category.

Andrew does a stellar job at leading the Landmark Managatang Trial site. From protocol development through to the spring grower trial site day, results interpretation and analysis for presentation at their trial site grower review day – Andrew can do it all, and is passionate about it. This passion has allowed Andrew to determine a fit for numerous new products including seed and fertiliser applied fungicides. As a result, both Andrew and growers in the area are very early adopters of new technologies because of the ability to view and find a fit for new technology by viewing it early at the trial site.

Andrew has built up a knowledge base that by far exceeds his years in the industry, this results in Andrew being a key point of contact and information source for his colleagues both locally and interstate. He leads and organises Landmark Cell group meetings and also sits on the GRDC organising committee, and is responsible for organising local GRDC updates.

Andrew is always among the first to identify any new threats in the area whether they be diseases, pests or weeds. Andrew utilises all available industry testing to confirm species and or resistance status so a management plan can be confirmed.

Andrew works closely with industry including growers, R & D companies, input suppliers, and seed breeders, providing feedback on how products are performing along with potential problems that arise - be it genetic, nutritional or a treatment.