Alf Weaver

Alf Weaver

Agronomist, Elders Ltd JAMESTOWN SA


Alf Weaver, a trustworthy and knowledgeable Branch Manager and Agronomist from Elders in Jamestown, has been nominated in the Sustainability category for his knowledge and experience in farming sustainably.

Alf has been involved in the Elders Technical trial sites for the past couple of years, and has successfully showcased new chemistry to his growers, consultants and other Elders staff. Alf keeps his eye on "the big picture" with his growers regardless of their farming enterprise's and gives sound advice on rural real estate, farm finance available and crop / pasture chemical selection.

He is also involved in offering advice on pasture seed selection, crop varieties, sowing rates and fertiliser programs. Always looking to improve his knowledge and expertise, in 2015, Alf purchased 220 ha of farming land to crop and to apply his knowledge of farming and cropping.

Alf loves the whole farming way of life and it gives him great pleasure to be able to put his ideas, strategies and experience to work – not only to show himself, but also his family and his customers how to best utilise the soils and rainfall they have to get the most from their farming land.

The sustainability of the land is top of mind for Alf. He is endlessly chasing the highest possible yields from his own and his clients’ land, but wants to ensure it is left in the best condition possible for future generations to farm. Feeding the growing population in generations to come also concerns Alf - as he says they will be required to grow far higher yields than we are to feed the growing population in the future.