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Sheila Charlesworth


Grower Group CEO, Mingenew, Western Australia

Sheila Charlesworth built a career in the high flying corporate world before she got the opportunity to really make a difference as CEO of a research and development community grower group.

Her commercial expertise and passion for agriculture are reaping benefits for almost 200 growers in the Mingenew Irwin Group, with her key initiatives including research and development funding for about 60 trials each year and an IT overhaul to improve members’ network links.

Sheila is a finalist in the Community and People category of the Growth Awards.

For Sheila, the agricultural community doesn’t thrive without the right leadership, collaboration and total commitment of everyone. It takes each person doing the best job they can, not for self-promotion but for the progression of the whole community. It’s important to Sheila that there is a focus on developing people and talent to maintain what she calls the ‘people supply chain’ of the industry.

In this context, Sheila works towards the positive image of the wider industry by maintaining high standards of ethics and a scientific basis for the research she and her team conducts. She is committed to accurately reporting the results of research, regardless of the outcome.

As well as being actively involved in industry groups, Sheila is also a member of various local community and sporting groups. It is Sheila’s focus on mateship, collaboration, opportunity and community that are integral to her nomination in the Growth Awards.

Growth Awards Supporting Partner