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Greg Giblett


Agronomist, Quirindi, New South Wales

Unlike many in the Australian agricultural industry, Greg Giblett did not grow up on a farm. Greg’s interest in agriculture came from family friends who ran a mixed operation in Central West NSW.

After school, Greg completed his agronomy studies at Sydney University before taking on a retail agronomy role in Tamworth on the edge of the Liverpool Plains, where he has spent most of his career.

Greg’s career began just as the industry was starting its move towards no-till farming. Over the years he has been involved in the early adoption of no-till and controlled traffic farming systems.

Greg now works in a private consultancy, Agromax Consulting, with two other agronomists. While his career has been focused on the Liverpool Plains, Greg has also consulted overseas working in Kenya, Sudan and Ghana.

Greg, along with a team of private consultants, developed the Northern Grower Alliance (NGA). The NGA is now funded by Grains Research Development Corporation and facilitates a network of research committees to identify key research gaps and implement trial productivity programs.

Greg and a core group of clients founded AMPs Agribusiness, a large independent merchandiser. The business is united a goal to allow growers to participate in the ag supply chain and return more profits back to the community.

Greg is a finalist in the Productivity category of the Growth Awards. Key aspects of productivity for Greg are efficient no-till, control traffic farming systems, sound rotation management and long term profitability and sustainable soil management.

Growth Awards Supporting Partner