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Revus Testimonials

STEVE BROWN - Vineyard Manager, Maxsons Vineyard

I would recommend REVUS because it's so easy to use. REVUS mixes well in tanks, with no residue left in the tanks after the tank is empty so you know all the chemical has gone out. It’s cost-effective, cheaper than other products in the market and you get a better result from it. REVUS requires less spray, which means less fuel and less wear and tear. You save on wages as it requires less people on the tractors. We can get other jobs done in the vineyard saving us lots of money.

TIM CULLEN - Agronomist, Landmark Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley can experience many Downy Mildew infections through the early part of the season, leading into flowering and through flowering, so it’s critical to be on top of it. Typically growers will use two REVUS sprays depending on the Downy Mildew pressure, and will target pre-inflorescence or pre-flowering, and also during flowering. If they target Downy Mildew with REVUS at the right time, they achieve excellent results and are happy that they can walk away and get on with other jobs.

JENNY VENUS - Agronomist

REVUS is a really good product that has performed well in our region. We’ve been very happy with its compatibility and it is the best-fit Downy Mildew product for the period over flowering. It’s significant to be able to lock in a period of protection against Downy Mildew at a busy time in the vineyard.