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Protecting your investment: getting the best out of BASS 

BASS is an accredited malting variety that possesses excellent malting quality characteristics comparable to Australia’s premier export variety, Baudin. A combination of excellent grain plumpness, good test weight and a high level of tolerance to pre-harvest sprouting results in BASS being one of the most reliable varieties to achieve malting specifications.


  • Excellent grain plumpness and test weight
  • High tolerance to pre-harvest sprouting and blackpoint
  • Good straw strength, lodging resistance and head retention
  • An ideal malting variety for medium to high rainfall zones


BASS is a mid-to-late maturing variety, designed to suit cereal growing regions with medium to high rainfall. Not only does BASS possess excellent malting quality with improved malt extract levels and grain size over Baudin, it also maintains very good hectolitre weight and has a high level of pre-sprouting tolerance. Additionally, Bass has the highest tolerance of blackpoint tipping compared to all other commercial malting barley varieties.


Any valuable investment is worth protecting. Cereal root and foliar diseases can have devastating consequences for yield and quality, and preventative action should be taken to protect your crop of BASS.

To protect your investment in BASS, a robust crop protection program is a must. Cereal root diseases such as Pythium and Rhizoctonia, and foliar diseases including Barley Leaf Rust and Powdery Mildew can impact greatly on the yield and quality potential of the variety. By incorporating our seed treatment, VIBRANCE®, and cereal fungicide, AMISTAR XTRA®, into your BASS program, protection from cereal root and foliar diseases can be achieved. Outlined below is a summary of how VIBRANCE and AMISTAR XTRA can be used to protect your investment in BASS.


VIBRANCE is a cereal seed treatment that combines three proven fungicides that provide a broad spectrum of activity and safeguard cereal crops from more diseases than any other product on the market.

Metalaxyl-M is the industry benchmark for protection against Pythium root rot, while difenoconazole and sedaxane provide powerful activity against Rhizoctonia, smuts, bunts and Seed Borne Net Blotch. VIBRANCE helps stimulate quality root systems that deliver better emergence, stand, nutrient uptake and stress tolerance. It contains the optimal combination of systemic action and soil mobility, and offers excellent seed safety for seedling development and root growth. Applied as a seed treatment to BASS, VIBRANCE will ultimately deliver higher yielding and better quality crops.


AMISTAR XTRA’s broad spectrum actively protects cereal crops from all key foliar diseases for up to six weeks, including Net Blotch,Barley Leaf Rust and Powdery Mildew. With twin modes of action, AMISTAR XTRA provides activity on all key stages of disease development, and unlike triazole-only fungicides, it stops diseases before they attack the plant to maximise yield potential. AMISTAR XTRA provides full residual activity and helps maintain healthy crop tissue for BASS to develop efficiently.

AMISTAR XTRA contains 200g/L of Azoxystrobin, the world’s number one fungicide renowned for its length of protection. Azoxystrobin is a member of the Strobilurin group of fungicides (classified as a Group K), which work primarily on the leaf surface to provide a protectant shield around the outside of the leaf. AMISTAR XTRA also contains 80g/L of Cyproconazole, which delivers the fastest moving foliar curative activity on rusts and powdery mildew.