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Vibrance Extreme® - Stored insect pest control with Rooting Power!

VIBRANCE EXTREME combines the insecticide thiamethoxam, controlling major pests of stored grain, with the known performance of VIBRANCE fungicide seed treatment.

VIBRANCE EXTREME controls the major pests of grain storage in Australia including adults and progeny of:

• Lesser Grain Borer;
• Flat Grain Beetle;
• Rice Weevil;
• Saw-toothed Grain beetle; and
• Suppresses Rust-red Flour beetle and controls progeny.


• Controls organophosphorus (OP), synthetic pyrethroids (SP) & insect growth regulator (IGR) resistant stored grain pests
• Up to nine months protection
• All-in-one ready to apply (RTA) formulation.
• New formulation maintains Vibrance low dust off.
• Management of Rhizoctonia and Pythium Root Rot
• Control of Smuts and Bunts