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Affirm® - Hard on pests, soft on beneficials

AFFIRM® has high activity on Diamondback Moth (DBM) and relatively low ecological impact making it the ideal solution for growers who want to maximise their spray result and minimise the effect on beneficial species.

Diamondback Moth is a major insect pest of brassicas crops worldwide, a pest which has the ability to rapidly defoliate plants and reduce yields.


AFFIRM is rapidly absorbed into green foliage, building a reservoir of active ingredient within the leaf. This reservoir provides:

• Residual control
• Rainfastness 2 hours after application
• Rapid photo-degradation of remaining residues on the leaf surface to limit the impact on beneficial species

AFFIRM is compatible with PIRIMOR® and KARATE ZEON® where broader spectrum insect control is required


Refer to the product label for use rates and registered crops.